Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Adults have lot to learn from kids

Life is beautiful from a child’s point of you. This is because children are god’s gift. They do not know ego, backstabbing, hatred or lies. They are not stressed with work pressure or financial problems. All they know is to laugh and play around. Elders have many things to learn from children. People as they grow up, change in their behavior and the way they talk. It is because of the atmosphere they are in and the situation they are put into, that changes them. But, there are times, when life gives these people a second chance to live life perfectly, yet they make the same mistake of adulthood again. Children are god’s creation. Every person in the earth has crossed the life of childhood. It is the situation and the purpose that changes each one of us. Many people think that they can spend their entire lives trying to return to who they were as children. The value of childhood is known only when we cross that age. If at all, people get a chance to think that every day is a lesson and that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet, then life would be so different from how it is now. It is what people think and their actions matter.

Adults have lot to learn from kids

Lessons to be learnt from children

As far as children are concerned, every day is a fresh start and a new day means new opportunities to make friends, explore new adventures and learn new things. They do not carry baggage every day. They start fresh. This is what is expected from people. Start every day fresh so that the negativity is removed from mind and soul. Children get creative with whatever is given to them. As we get older, we stop seeing creative things around us. Children feel limitless because they are not confined by the fears of humiliation. They dance when they feel like dancing. Adults restrict themselves worrying what others will think about them. This is the major difference being a child and an adult.

How better are they

Children march forward with hope and determination because they do not know anything else. They embrace life unlike adults and take life with open arms. Laughing out is one good factor that a child does and the adults forget it or they do not want to. Children enjoy noticing trivial things and they try new things. Today, we stay in our comfort zone and refuse to move out. It is easy to be a better adult in the society, if you possess the qualities of a child.