Tuesday, 19 June 2018

How Sex Can Be Good For You

Apart from getting great orgasms, sex has much more to it than meets the eye. Sex was never just a pleasure seeking activity is was reason for procreation. Many years down the line researchers found that sex had many health benefits and was vital for physical and mental well being. When you are with a trusted partner and comfortable to with him/her, having sex with the person you love will definitely boost your heart health to a great extent.

Natural sex

Sex is known to enhance moods, people who sensitive and emotionally drained can seek solace in great session in bed, which automatically will lift up your spirits and enjoy the moment. The happy hormones are released and it brings about a sense of abandon and joy. Sex has said to help fight depression and anxiety in humans.

Life style diseases have set in and the sedentary ways make it more plausible for many people to get cancer due to stress and unhealthy living can cause cancer. But having regular sex with a trusted and loving partner can reduce this chance to almost nil. Right from prostrate cancer to hearts well being will be maintained by your sex life. So make time for this activity and don’t push it to your free time. Regular fun sex any time of the day will be an added advantage to your health.

Having regular sex helps improve your sex drive. Infrequent sex and sex on the wane will impact the performance in bed to a great extent and problems such as not lasting long enough, not ejaculating,  it reaching an orgasm etc. all this can be prevented by having regular sex. It also increases your partners interest in you and you will be more fertile too and the chances of procreation are more.