Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Ultimate pleasure of sex experienced using sex toys

Sex is an ultimate pleasure to experience. Sex can be and should be experienced in different ways. Of course sex will be engaging and exciting only with opposite gender but how about the person that has no sexual partner to enjoy the sex. Sexual arousal and desires may happen anytime and once it happens, the person will desire to gratify it. If the person does not have sexual partner to fulfill the desires then the person will choose masturbation. Masturbation is a self-stimulation of genitals. Both men and women do this to enjoy the pleasures. These days there are different sexual toys to use. First of all the sex toys are used for masturbation on own and secondly the sex toys are used to masturbate for each other.

Beautiful sex

Sex toys for men and women

For masturbation men use masturbator which is in cylindrical shape and it will resemble like vagina. Men will insert the penis in the masturbator and jerk the toy to feel like having intercourse. There are different models in this and the major categories are masturbator with vibrator and without vibrator. Coming to the sex toy for women, they use dildo which is the shape of penis and they will insert it in their vagina and move it in and out to feel like having intercourse. The dildo is a sex toy for women without vibration feature whereas another sex toy with vibration feature used for the same purpose is called vibrator. Some women use the vibrator to stimulate and massage the G spot.

Sex toys for couples

Apart from self-stimulation couple use sex toys for each other. This is one kind of sexual experience to enjoy. One of the modern sex toys for couples is that they can operate the sex toy for each other when they are far away. The sex toy will be connected in the smart phone app and will be operated by each other to feel the sexual pleasure and satisfaction even when they are far away for any reason.