Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Physical relationship is essential for couples

Sex is an integral part of life. It is evolutionary. It is very important to continue the existence of the most essential species in the world. Every organism reproduces through sex. The reproduction starts with physical mating followed by the reproduction of the offspring. In humans, reproduction is a prominent factor. It starts with the sexual intercourse between the male and the female. There are many enzymes and fluids secreted naturally inside the body of males and female to make reproduction easier. In females, the vagina becomes soft and lubricated naturally during sexual activity and in males the penis, enlarges and erects. Once this happens, the male body produces a fluid called the semen. This fluid contains all the nutrients like the urea, calcium, Sulphur, proteins, libido etc. for the survival of the crucial factor, sperm. Sperms are the male reproductive unit which is produced at about 400 to 500 million initially. It is responsible for traveling the female reproductive tract and fuse with the ovum to form the zygote. Once the intercourse starts, the sperm is ejected into the vagina of the female along with the semen. Once the sperm starts to travel, only a couple hundred stay alive by the time they reach the uterus and out of which only 1 mature and fertile sperm fuses with the ovum to form the zygote. This zygote then gets its nutrients from the mother and grows and comes out of the birth canal after 10 months’ time.

Physical relationship is essential for couples

Sexual intercourse

Many people are still unaware of the sexual intercourse that is essential to produce the offspring in spite of the internet videos, books and other sources. Many females do not conceive because they are doing the wrong way.  There should be an awareness created for parents who are planning to have a child, on rules and tricks of getting conceived faster and safer. Men who suffer from erection issues and dysfunction should be treated correctly and help them have a child. Parents or the couples planning to have a child or have sex together should watch sex videos on how to perform well in bed. This will satisfy both the partners as sex is one of the major reasons of many divorce cases today.

Sex videos

One way, which is easier, is to watch porn videos. It is helpful to learn the ways in which one can keep their partner happy be it beginners or the ones who want to sharpen their skills on the bed. It is a guide for people who do not have experiences in sex and for those who want to experiment sex differently. Knowing things is good, as it will help both the partners sexually satisfied. When there is no idea where to start from or how to start, choose to watch porn videos.