The Origin of the Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is also called a fishing hat, which was originated from the early twentieth century. It was traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen as protection from the rain. The pure wool fabric and the downward sloping hat brim design give fishermen a certain waterproof function. Bucket hats gradually have more applicable palaces. As it is so well-shaped, it was later adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces and the US Army during the Vietnam War. They borrowed the shape and material of the fishing hats and made it easier for soldiers to use by deepening its brim.

In Israel, the fisherman’s hat is called the fool’s cap. During the period of Israel’s independence, many Israeli soldiers found that they needed hats to protect themselves from the sun and heat. At first, they used an Arabian-style headscarf, but later they wanted to distinguish themselves from the Arab soldiers. So they improved the Jewish cap, which became a fisherman’s hat and it was called “Kova tembel” in Israeli. The hat (mostly in grass green) is still used by Israeli troops today and is seen by most Israelis as an important symbol of freedom and independence.

No one has expected that the fisherman’s hat to become a fashion item. The popularity of the modern fisherman’s hat was sparked by American comedian, Rodney Dangerfield, who plays a character and he wears a bucket hat all the year round in the comedy “Gilligan’s Island.” He often laughs that in his later years, whenever he wears a fishing hat, he usually gets a free bowl of soup (because his hat looks like a bowl). In 1998, Gary Alexander, the lead singer of American band New Radicals, his bucket hat almost became one of his personal symbols. During its process of development, the bucket hat has been given a variety of connotations and becomes a symbol of various fashionable cultures.

The bucket hat is soft and foldable that makes it easy to carry. The brim of the hat is narrow and small, and the hat itself is so deep. A circle of slightly trapezoidal shading edges not only prevent sun but also prevent light transmission. Bucket hats are usually made of a thicker material and some elastic weave. There are breathable mesh holes in the top of the hat, which makes you feel refreshed, comfortable, breathable and not stuffy in summer. When you choose a bucket hat, the wider the brim, the safer for your skin.

Bucket hats are suitable for all people. They may choose hats which differ in style and colour. It is a perfect choice for people to travel in summer. As decorative items, they are still very popular with young people. The bucket hat is used to modify their faces so that to improve the temperament and make them look very charming. Different hats are chosen for different face types. Similarly, different styles of hats have different requirements for hairstyles. Women can wear them as cute as they are.

Fashionable people always like to change their hats with different styles. The bucket hat with its retro style and chic design make it so popular in present.

Bucket Hat: A Magic Weapon that Highlights the Charm of Women

Summer sun, like a ball of fire, let you nowhere to hide. You often feel hot, especially when you are in the afternoon sun with sustained high-temperature weather, you certainly would rather stay at home to sit in the air-conditioned room than go outside. The hot sun is shining, as long as you go out, you would feel like you are going to be burnt.

However, summer is not just hot, there are many beautiful things for you to discover and appreciate. For example, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom and trees are covered with thick leaves. When you get up early in the morning, you can enjoy the first ray of sunshine into your room; the summer breeze has sent fresh floral scent to your bed, which lets you feel refreshed. The summer wind is comfortable and cool, which brings the aroma of flowers to the people in the morning; sometimes it brings coolness to the hard-working people in the afternoon; sometimes it brings a little coolness in the evening, and gets people to sleep peacefully when they are tossing and turning.

The bucket hat is the best choice for the majority of women in summer. The most important step to stay beauty is to do sun protection, because once the skin is sunburned, it will cause various problems, such as skin peeling, skin swelling even spots on face. That will take a long time to fix. Therefore, if you want to ride or go to the park or the beach, you will need this one. Of course, you need a suitable bucket hat to match the colour and style of your clothes. Bucket hat womens who want to reflect their personalities, simply need a white T-shirt and denim shorts, matching with a flaxen bucket hat.

Among these many bucket hats, white and black hats are more versatile and fashionable. Black and white are two immortal colours in the world of fashion. Many people are keen on these two colours, whether they dress or decorate their house.  They like to use this cool colour. Then, the black or white bucket hat naturally becomes the best choice for them. In summer, black bucket hats can be worn with striped T-shirts and black maxi skirts. For a white bucket hat, it can be worn with blue shirts and jeans. There are many ways to match based on your preference and whether it looks beautiful or not.

Different people wear it in a different style. Womens bucket hat can be cute and nifty, or fashionable, or cool. If you go out with friends and wear such a hat, it not only does the sun protection but also saves a lot of troubles. Some women who want to keep fair skin, so they use sun umbrellas and wear masks to avoid being sunburned. Actually, sun umbrellas can block some of the ultraviolet rays but cannot isolate the reflected ultraviolet rays. Besides, you have to hold the umbrella all the time, which makes you tired finally. The bucket hat is very soft so that the hat can be folded up at any time and it won’t take up a lot of places.

For women who love beauty, only depending on clothing is not enough. All kinds of accessories must be complete, especially for the headwear.

The Unique Design of Bucket Hats Keeps You Away from Troubles

Summer is coming! It means that the weather is getting drier and hotter. During this long period, almost everyone would rather sit in the air-conditioned room, eating iced watermelon and watching TV than go outside to play. However, there are blue sky, lush trees and all kinds of flowers in such a colourful season. After a five-day of work, don’t you want to hang out with your best friends to release your fatigue and mind? Maybe you and your friends plan to go out earlier, while you do not want to go out by the time because of the hot weather. Girls are afraid of being tanned. As the saying goes, a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults. If someone’s skin is white, he/she looks clean and delicate.

In order to keep the skin white, girls always like to use a sun umbrella, wear sunglasses and a mask to protect them from the sun.

Here is a hat which can almost solve the above problems perfectly. It is the bucket hat, a hat for both men and women and for all ages. This hat is great for everyday wear as well as for travelling. The wide brim of the bucket hat protects our skin from the sun in all directions.

The hat is made of soft material and can be folded in the bag even in the pocket at any time, without worrying that it will be deformed like a baseball cap or other hats. The bucket hat can be divided into the wide brim and narrow brim: the wide brim bucket hat has the best sunshade effect, and the narrow brim hat is more stylish.

The bucket hat also has an adjustable windproof string to avoid being blown off. It is very practical for people who ride bicycles. When we ride a bicycle at high speed, a bucket hat with string can not only block the wind but also prevent the hat from being blown away. Especially in winter, you don’t need to worry that the hat is blown away by the piercing wind. Some people may ask whether the string constrains our necks and makes it uncomfortable, the answer is no. Because the bucket hat is made of soft material, so does the windproof string. There is an adjustment buckle in the string to adjust the size for your head. If you don’t like to have that string, you can take it off at any time.

Anyway, if you want to enjoy a wonderful summer and keep skin white, sincerely recommend you to get a bucket hat!