Spring/Summer Bucket Hats for Men

For a man who is too lazy to organize his hair, wearing a nice hat is presumably the most convenient way. But it is too boring to wear a baseball cap and an old hat. Hipsters tend to change their styles by wearing different kinds of hats. The bucket hat, which combines vintage style and fashionable style, has always been a classic item in recent years. It is great to wear it in spring and summer.

Because it is like a bucket, so people call it “bucket hat”. The bucket hat has a good effect on shading people from the sun and even the rain. Also, it is a fashion accessory that adds extra points to your outfit. Its versatile feature also makes it a must-have companion for trendy men.

Nowadays, the bucket hat not only has a variety of colors, but also has different styles with different length of brims. If you want to choose a bucket hat that suits you, you can refer to the following introduction about bucket hats.

The so-called color refers to the color and pattern of the hat. It is like a piece of clothing, shoes, etc. As the hat color changes, it can create different feelings when wearing the hat. In the case of bucket hats, they can be easily divided into the following colors: plain color, printing pastes and fluorescent color. Most men love white T-shirts to match with a bucket hat, because it is the least error-prone combination.

The most common colors are probably black and white. Black gives a low-key fashion atmosphere. It can be said that black is the best color for neutralizing the color of your outfit in bright spring and summer seasons; while the white bucket hat is a bit high-profile, which is easy to catch one’s eyes if you wear such a hat.

In addition to the black and white bucket hat, there is also printing style bucket hat which is worn by some fashion-forward men and women. Because this type of hat is often associated with mountaineering and camping, it is often seen some patterns, such as leaves, flowers and other plant. If you want to show playful style, a bucket hat with hand-painted graffiti is also a good choice. Since you want to wear a bucket hat in spring and summer, of course, fluorescent colored hats are very eye-catching, such as fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green and other brighter colors. Pairing the hat with the same color of outfits is the most popular combination now. After all, spring and summer are vibrant seasons, and the mix of fluorescent items is even more impressive.

Most of bucket hats are made of canvas. Because the fabric can hold the hats shape and make it look better. Spring and summer outfits are recommended to be light and thin. The bucket hat made of thinner material can balance the overall collocation. The flexible brim of the hat provides more options for you to choose a nice bucket hat that suits you best. Bucket hats are versatile, which means it can be worn with most of your summer and spring clothes.

How to Wear a Hat with Different Clothes?

Hats are an essential accessory for women who love beauty. They not only protect women from the sun but play an important role of making them look great. Stylish hats add some pizzazz to your outfit and even completely change your style to a new one. If you are not clear about how to wear a hat with your different clothes, here are some ideas that help you pair the hats with your outfits.

Summer dress & hat

Panama hats are a fashionable choice for spring because they add a masculine touch to the delicate spring wear. The combination of masculine and feminine makes the outfit more attractive in spring. Don’t be afraid to change your style. A Panama hat is paired with a flowy white dress and denim jacket. The white dress is very elegant and free, and the denim jacket brings structure to the whole outfit, plus the Panama hat adds some masculinity to the whole outfit. Never forget the sandals. Sandals make a finishing point to the outfit. The outfit is balanced and perfect.

Shorts & hat

It is very cool to wear shorts in summer, and most of summer hats can be matched with shorts. For example, a bucket hat features with a medium-sized brim and colorful design, which is one of the best hats to wear in summer. You can wear your shorts with a hat, which will make you feel cool and look stylish. Although the combination is simple, you can wear to the beach or during exploring a seaside town. The outfit looks great that you can wear a sun top with white shorts and a straw fedora hat.

Pants & hat

There are many kinds of pants for women, from very pretty to very casual pants. It depends on the type of pants you want to wear. You can wear a pair of cool vertical striped pants with an off-the-shoulder white top and a white fedora. Or you can wear a hat with simple jeans. This is a very casual look that you can wear at any time.

Jumpsuit & hat

This light boater hat with a pink ribbon is paired with a bright yellow jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is simple and cute, and it doesn’t take up too much of the luggage space, which is very suitable for travel. Or you can pair it with a large-brimmed hat. The outfit is very distinctive that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Short skirt & hat

This leather short skirt pairs with a white sun top and a nice bucket hat, the whole outfit looks very stylish and cool. Bucket hats are more causal so you can pair it with any of your summer casual clothes. Many young girls like to wear short skirt because it will show their long legs and nice figure shape. The bucket hat adds some chic vibe to the outfit. Also, you can pair your skirt with other hats that you like, such as straw hat, fedora hat and others.  

No matter what hats you choose, the most important thing you need to notice is whether the hat can match with your clothes.